Something changed. Or everything changed? User habits of IT and communications evolve gradually but sometimes they take big jumps. Internet is pushing the new digital technologies and will not stop.
An increasing number of people use smartphones and tablets with multimedia contents, always connected, anywhere, anytime, interacting with applications available in the cloud, both for work and personal purposes.
They access high volumes of information, combining structured and unstructured information.
And they are not alone: they interact in social or corporate networks. They collaborate, comment, select, criticize, value, share, receive information from and in any part of the world.

It´s impact on business – the risk of inaction
These critical changes on the user experience have already impacted in companies and they will do in greater magnitude in the coming years.
The leading and most innovative companies, even newcomers, are taking advantage of these new business scenarios that can transform the company´s processes and even create completely new business models.
Not doing anything is not an option, without exposing to serious risks.

We innovate, connect and transform. How? With over 20 years of experience in ICT and event management and a unique global network.

The world is in motion, we are in motion, our businesses  are in motion….  We have to transform to stay futureproof. We help you transform and innovate by organizing masterclasses and innovation tours.

Eugène Tuijnman is founder of serveral business entities and also managing some of the founded entities. He is coach, consultant and transforming specialist. Eugène is member of the Partner Advisory Boards of several leading IT companies, such as IBM, DellEMC and Oracle.
Laura Verheijen has over 25 years experience in organizing high end events. She has been running her own event agency for over 10 years and is managing Director of a Destination Management Company.

Our programs

At TransforMOTION it is all about business transformation. We have the expertise , experience and network. We innovate, connect and transform. What we offer:

Introduction workshops:

If you are interested in highlights and would like to get a professional introduction this half day workshop is just right for you. You will learn the basics, not only content but also practical information what it can do for you.

Innovation Masterclasses:

Our masterclasses are intensive experiences with radical subjects and cases brought by top opinion leaders and successful entrepreneurs. We offer a good balance between knowledge, practise and business cases. If required we also assist in the transformational execution.

Innovation tours:

We know our way around to show you the innovational hotspots in the world. Let us introduce you to global trends and directions. Fully organized and hosted trips where you get access to innovative companies and disruptive start-ups.

Not only global but also within the Netherlands.

Why The Netherlands:

  • International culture, open awareness, easy access to travel & working permits
  • Best connected country in the world
  • Tax friendly for investments and running a business
  • Entrepreneurship is in our DNA (many start-ups in the Amsterdam area, High Tech Campus in Eindhoven area)
  • Proven innovative track record
  • Startup friendly
  • Gateway to the rest of Europe

What to expect? Unlocking  global partnerships and offering networking opportunities.

Tailormade workshop: a specific IT related topic you need help with? With our long year experience in ICT, our global network and unique facilities nearly any issue can be addressed tailormade.

Our location

We gladly invite you to visit us at our offices in Hilversum. We recently built a unique inspirience center with hightec technology. Let us inspire you! In Motion….


Laura Verheijen
Voorstraat 93
Tel. +31 6 50875957